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Mallino News “Kit” in Tambov

“Kit” in Tambov

The deputy head of the press service of the city administration Hope Pilipenko said that recently the owner of the object applied to the authorities of the city to the issue of resuming construction of the shopping center. But the committee was forced to deny urban protracted owner to continue the construction of shopping center as long as the building site will not be brought into compliance with all rules and regulations. “Now the owner is just working on the issue”, – explained Pilipenko. According to IA “New Tambov,” the company «Mallino Management» is planning to open a “Kit” in 2016. At the moment the project is unfinished mall reconception and redesign – said project manager working with commercial real estate company «Mallino Management» Elena Lezhnina. She noted that this is not a quick process, as it is related with changes in the project design. An updated version of the project will be very interesting. An area of almost 17,000 square meters will be a hypermarket, shops, two restaurants, entertainment areas for children and adults, and the bottom will be equipped with parking for 500 cars. Recall the construction of shopping mall “Kit” in Tambov began in 2007. But in December 2008, the owner of the complex “KIT Capital” declared itself bankrupt. After some time, the Tambov “Kit” was put up for auction with an initial value of 188.3 million rubles. Then the owner could not sell mall. In late 2011, the assets of the bankrupt developer “KIT Capital” moved to Mallino Management Ural.