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620146 Yekaterinburg, Amundsena St 65

Mallino Catalog Water Park “Limpopo”

Water Park “Limpopo”

Aquapark “Limpopo” is a unique structure in terms of size and number of various water rides, and in the structure of water park includes many pools and saunas, spa club, recreation areas, bars and restaurants.

Aquapark “Limpopo” – the only water park in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region.

The total area of water-entertaining complex is about 27,300 sq / m

Water Park is conveniently located near the shopping and entertainment center “Catherine” and the hotel.

Good transport location:

* Availability of road traffic from the city center (30 minutes), and the surrounding residential areas south of the city (Botanical, Uktus, Himmash)
* Direct access to Chelyabinsk highway connecting the cities of Ekaterinburg with the south area.
* In close proximity are the four public transport, 16 routes provide traffic around the city.