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620146 Yekaterinburg, Amundsena St 65

Mallino Catalog SM KIT in Yekaterinburg

SM KIT in Yekaterinburg

TC “KIT” Yekaterinburg, ul. Amundsen, 65

The population of the city, people. 1375400
Average salary, Rs. / Month. 26097
Center of the Urals Federal District, the administrative center of Sverdlovsk Region.
The fourth largest city in Russia

Located in the south-western district of Yekaterinburg – one of the newest and large residential areas of the city. The population of the area – 126 thousand.

Easy access personal and public transportation.

Excellent transport accessibility on the street. Amundsen, linking South West area to the city center

The main population of the South-West region – a family with 1-2 children, middle-income (from 7 to 30 thousand rubles.)

70% of families in the South West region have a car;

Analysis of the data shows the demographic characteristics of the coincidence area residents and visitors SW KIT – ie visitors are all residents of the area.

Mall area, sq.m. 27827
Floors SEC 2 (plus 2 levels of basement)
Size parking, m / m 521
Mall traffic, pers. / Day 25 568